Ways To Work With Us

At Expansive Therapy, our priority is to establish a safe and comfortable environment where you can heal, grow and change. Our clinicians are chosen for their ability to connect, understand and empathize your experience so that you receive the very best care. We believe in a team approach to treatment, with all clinicians attending weekly supervision to discuss cases and provide support. We maintain strict ethical standards and all disclosed information is confidential.


Individual Therapy

Effective therapy requires commitment, so we highly recommend weekly therapy for a period of at least six months. You will be assigned to a therapist who’s specialization is most aligned with your needs.


Couples Counseling

Whether it's to strengthen or repair the relationship, couples counseling is highly valuable. Working through difficulties can be an intimate and deeply bonding experience. We help couples to begin turning towards conflict and using it as an opportunity for deepening as opposed to running from it or ignoring it. Using specific techniques, we teach partners to hold emotional space for each other and work towards secure attachment and healing. We are affirming of and trained in alternative relationships such a polyamory, open relationships, and kink-based relationships.


Group Therapy

We offer a variety of groups including the following: 

  • 16 week psychotherapy group: A classic therapy group open to all with a focus on interpersonal dynamics and working through conflict
  • Grindr’ed Down: A 16 week gay men’s group with a focus on intimacy
  • Queer Therapy Group: For those who identify as queer or want to explore their identity freely
  • Coming Out: For those struggling to come to terms with their identity


For some clients teletherapy can be a good alternative to in person sessions.  Contact us to discuss this possibility.

We are out of network providers (PPO) and are happy to handle all insurance submissions. Call your insurance company to see if your plan provides out of network (PPO) benefits.